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Can I tell you a TRUE story?

lean-in-19-manual-headshot-flag-2-no fontI LOVE helping people lose fattimus from their assimus.

It’s what I’m good at.

It puts a great big smile on my face when I see someone lose a bucket load of lard.

Just in case you were wondering, this is my ugly mug on the left and my name is Gavin Walsh.

I’m a personal trainer here in the UK and I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade.

Anyway, enough about me…let’s get cracking with this story.

The star of our story is my younger sister, Sarah.

She lives bloody miles away from me.

No chance of her being able to train with me personally, but she was desperate to lose weight.

sarah-club-photo2Crazy nights out and some shoddy food choices meant she had put on several pounds and wasn’t a happy bunny.

However, she was DETERMINED and had decided enough was enough.

The thing is that she didn’t know where to start with this fitness and fat loss lark and a new job meant that time was super tight.

What to do, huh?

Well, in steps big brother.

Gav, I really want to lose weight. Can you write me a program?“, she pleaded.

Now, just because she’s my little sister doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically write her a full on exercise and diet program.

I wanted to check she was serious about this lard burning, so the next day I sent her a text message with a short, but difficult, workout to complete.

The day after, to my surprise, I got a message back from Sarah saying “Hey Gav! I ache like hell, but what’s my next workout?!”

Good start! I sent her another text message with another little workout and then another and another.

In fact, I did this for a total of 3 weeks.

She stuck with every one of those workouts and even followed my diet guidelines to the letter.

Her results will knock your socks off…


Sarah’s Incredible Results

Screenshots_2014-11-24-13-09-51Sarah’s results were far better than I could have EVER imagined!

Yes, she had some weight to lose, but her results blew my mind.

From past experience, with my personal training clients and knowing the results they’ve achieved over the years, I knew Sarah could do some serious ‘damage’ if she could stay motivated.

The thing was whether she could stay motivated with just my text messages.

You know what? She did. She was super focused.

It seemed that getting a daily message from me did the trick.

She was on fire!

Even when I was a little slow to send out a text message with a workout she was on my case, “Gav, where’s my workout?!?!“.

Of course, she was chuffed to bits with the results.

In fact, I think anyone would be over the moon with the results Sarah achieved.

Are you ready for this?

In just a few short weeks she melted away…

17 pounds and 15 inches

sarah-promThat’s nuts, right?

At first, I couldn’t believe it.

I said to Sarah “Really? 17 pounds?”

She said with excitement “Yeah, 17 pounds.”

I said “Really? 17 pounds?!”

I was stunned.

But that’s exactly what happened.

The text messages, the workouts and the nutrition information, on a daily basis, were just what my sister needed to get her to shift some serious lard.

The daily workouts sky-rocketed her metabolism and she was able to burn more fat than ever before.

She didn’t use any equipment, she didn’t have to get changed into any workout gear (if she didn’t want to), she didn’t feel self-conscious exercising in front of a bunch of people and she didn’t have to spend hours in a gym.

The perfect situation, right?

Especially when you look at the confidence it gave Sarah.

She was buzzing!

Losing a HUGE amount of fat will do that to a person.

Especially if you do it all in 19 days!

It’s Time For A Change

I bet that just a few moments ago you were killing time on ye old Flakebook or checking your emails when you read something about burning fat DOUBLE quick.

Of course, this grabbed your attention and now you’re here with this random Guy and have no idea where this is going.

But that’s a good thing, because it’s time for a change.

For far too long you’ve been coasting and not really giving your body a reason to change.

But just like my sister, there comes a point when you have to say to yourself “Enough is enough”.

I’m hoping today is that day.

Now, tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing the reason you’re still reading all of this (apart from my wonderful charm) might be due to one of the following…

  • You’d Love To Lose Some Weight, So That You No Longer Feel Embarrassed By Your Body.

  • Your Confidence Has Seen Better Days And It Would Be Amazing To Get That Spring Back In Your Step.

  •  You’re All Too Familiar With The Terms Jelly Belly, Back Fat, Muffin Top, Bingo Wings And Moobs. 

  • You’re Tired Of Wearing Baggy Clothes.

  • Spanx And Corsets Just Aren’t Comfortable And It Would Be Nice To Go Out Without Having To Squeeze Everything In.

  • Your Weight Is More Than It’s Ever Been.

  • Your Sex Life Has Done A Runner.

  • You’ve Got Zero Energy To Play With The Kids Or Hang With Friends.

The really great news news is that I’d like to help you.

I can help give that Chubzilla of yours a good ol’ slap around the chops.

This will no doubt make you feel 10X BETTER about your body and fire up your mojo.

I’m not making any promises, but I might even be able to help get some sexy fun back in your life.

Does that sound good to you?


Well, first off all, you’ve got to have a PROVEN plan of action.

A plan that not only brings about faster fat loss than you’ve ever experienced before, but it also fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

Telling you what to eat and how to exercise for faster fat loss in the little time that you have available.

It’s possible to lose a large amount of fat whilst NOT spending forever exercising. 

This is not pie in the sky talk either.

This is very much achievable.

I’ll tell you how in just a moment…

(That’s my attempt at building up some sort of suspense!)

Why Haven’t You Cracked This Fat Loss Lark?

“I Hate The Gym…”


dreadmillPlodding away on a dreadmill is about as much fun as watching paint dry!

But chances are, you don’t know any better than to roll round on one of those hamster wheels.

I know plenty of people who part with £80 of their hard-earned cash every month for a gym membership they never use: it’s crazy, crazy I tell you!

On one those rare occasions that these people do go to the gym they end up walking around aimlessly, staring into the void or plodding along on a dreadmill until they get bored out of their mind and call it a day.

They tell themselves “I’ll start again next week!

Unfortunately this was 6 months ago, maybe even longer.

Don’t get me wrong, I praise these people.

At least they’ve made the decision to lose the fattimus from their assimus.

They’ve taken action and that is a huge step forward.

It’s just a shame the way things end.

You see, when these people first joined the gym they were keen as mustard.

PROPER MUSTARD (Translation: Very Enthusiastic)

They had big dreams of looking sexy in their frilly undercrackers and were ready to tackle their wobbly bits with sheer gusto.

The problem is that they jump straight on a dreadmill or some other weapon of mass boredom and then spend the whole time looking down at the clock every 15 seconds.

They’ll do this for a couple of weeks until their mojo vanishes into thin air.

Some people stick with the dreadmill a wee bit longer, but then they hop on the scales and their face says it all.

After several weeks they’ve lost a whopping 2-3 pounds.

Their next thought is “WTF?!” and they soon throw in the towel.

Another problem…

“Slow And Steady Wins The Race”?!

snail zoneThere’s a notion that losing 1-2 pounds a week amongst many health professionals is good progress.

Losing 1-2 pounds a week is all very well, but it’s bloody slow progress AND frustrating if you’re spending hours in a gym or dieting.

In my experience “slow and steady” often gives up.

Check this out for instance…

A recent study from the Journal of Human Nutrition showed that those who lost their excess fat slowly when starting a diet or fitness program would give up before those who had faster results.

In my experience losing a decent amount of fat in those first few weeks of starting a fitness and diet program does your mojo the World of good.

Seeing the inches drop off and being able to fit into an old pair of jeans is an amazing feeling and it encourages men and women to stick with it.

Personally, I think the results in those first few weeks have gotta excite you.

As you know, I’m a personal trainer.

Most people hire me as their personal trainer because they want quicker results.

Nobody has ever turned to me and said “Gavin, do you mind if we slow this shiznit down? I’m burning way too much flubber!

Okay, they might not use those words exactly, but you get the idea.

Th problem with the “1-2 pounds a week” notion that many health professionals kick around is that it’s based on shoddy methods.

Namely, eating low fat foods and using slow boring cardio as your exercise of choice.


It drives me bloody bonkers.

Let’s be honest, if you’re carrying way more fat than you should be you can lose more than 1-2 pounds in a week.

And even if you’re not seriously overweight, you can still lose more than 1-2 pounds in a week if you put your mind to it.

Don’t limit yourself.

Just look at the guys on the Biggest Loser.

Okay, that’s an extreme example as they hit it hard all day, every day with no kids or jobs to worry about.


It is possible to lose a large amount of fat quickly AND keep it off.

(And I’ll tell you how if you keep reading)

 Time To Banish The Boring Cardio

Boring cardio

Let me explaineth…

If slow-go cardio produced fantastic results we would probably overlook the sheer boredom of it all.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Exercising on some medieval torture contraption isn’t the best way to lose fat.

It drives me round the bend when I see men and women ‘spinning the hamster wheel’ in a bid to banish their wobbly bits.

Let me be straight with you.

If you LOVE doing traditional cardio and it makes you feel good, by all means keep it going.

I’m not gonna take that away from you.

BUT if you want to burn as much fattimus from your assimus as possible, you’d better listen up Sonny Jim.

In a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness (Vol. 52(3):255-62), sixty overweight young women were separated into three groups.

Group 1 did a high intensity interval training program (similar to Lean in 19)

Group 2 did moderate intensity continuous training (traditional cardio)

Group 3 was a non-training control group.

Groups 1 & 2 trained five days per week for 12 weeks.

The researchers concluded that the Lean in 19 style of training produced better results than those in the slow cardio group.

Tradtional cardio strikes out again.

This is not the only study either.

I’ve got a bucket load of them for you below.

 We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

  • A 2006 study in the International Journal of Obesity found that of 12,568 regular runners, only those who significantly increased their weekly distance or running speed over the course of the 9-year study did not gain body fat. Runners who maintained or slightly increased mileage and intensity had larger waistlines at the end of the study. (Reference: International Journal of Obesity. 2006. 30)3), 543-551)
  • In 2008 the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research analysed the effect of a treadmill sprint sandwiched between a few different weight lifting exercises. This metabolic method produced a 10 times greater reduction in fat mass when compared with the same workout where the aerobic component and weight lifting element were separated into different workout sessions.
  • In 2010 The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness compared an endurance-only group (slow boring cardio) with a circuit weight training group mixed with short sprints. The metabolic training group provided an average 15 pound weight loss and a 5% reduction in body fat over 12 weeks, almost double the results of the 18 endurance group, which lost just under 7 lbs. and 3% body fat.


The crazy thing is that there are so many more studies showing the exact same results.

But yet so many men and women plump for the slow-go cardio when it comes to losing weight.

albertRemember what that good man, Albert Einstein, said about insanity?

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I could go on down this path, but me thinks you get the idea.

Men and women that want to banish their jelly belly QUICKLY should give traditional cardio a rest.

And since many of us are seriously short of time, wouldn’t it be better to choose a workout that does burn your excess fat quickly?

It’s a crazy thought, I know.

But I’m throwing it out there!

So, let me tell you an ickle secret of mine…

How To Transform Your Body In 19 Days

I-love-secret-sauceThere are several ingredients that go into my ‘secret sauce’.

Although to be fair, it’s not so secret, as I’m about to tell you all about the ingredients right now…

1) Eat Real Food. Duh?!

Obviously, your diet plays a huge role in burning fat.

For this reason, we start here with a little spruce up of your diet.

You’ll need to steer clear of all the crap:  processed grub, booze, refined sugars, caffeine, wheat and cow’s milk for several days on the trot.

I’m not saying that you have to dodge these foods for the rest of your life, but to give your body a fighting chance we need to remove those pesky toxins that are slowing down your fat loss.

real foodThis is the foundation for long term fat loss.

When you do this you’ll naturally reduce the calories in your diet and rebalance your body’s fat loss hormones.

You see, many health professionals will tell you that losing weight is simply a “calories in vs calories out” equation.

Tell that to the people who are struggling to lose weight on 800 calories a day!

That’s total B.S and way too simplistic.

Yes, calories are important, but if you only lower your calories and still eat sh*t, you’ll have a tough time losing weight because your body’s hormones will be all over the shop.

The good news is that if you’re eating ‘clean’ and dodging processed food, booze, sugar, etc then you won’t have to count calories, points or any other mumbo-jumbo.

You’ll awaken your fat loss hormones from their slumber and they’ll be ready to kick some assimus.

2) The Hot Zone Cycle

Hot ZoneI’ve mentioned how important it is to get your hormones to play ball, but let’s take it a step further.

To get your hormones well and truly firing on all cylinders, so that your body can burn through fat in rapid fashion, I recommend a specific 5 day fat loss cycle protocol.

Follow this 5 day cycle and you’ll be in the “Hot Zone“.

During this Hot Zone Cycle you’ll build on the basics by combining intermittent fasting, carb cycling and a strategic ‘cheat’ day.

You see, there are three big players in the hormone World and you’ve gotta get these guys on side if you want to send your excess fat packing.

These hormones are known as : insulin, human growth hormone and leptin.

Insulin is your storage hormone and in order to lose the jelly from your belly quickly we need to keep this fairly low, which is why we use methods such as intermittent fasting and carb cycling.

If you eat lots of sugar, wheat and other processed foods your insulin and blood sugar levels are mostly likely through the roof, making it double difficult to burn any fat.

The relationship between human growth hormone and insulin is a wee bit fragile.

They don’t particularly like each other and are a little like yin and yang.

The Hot Zone Cycle reduces your insulin and when this happens your human growth hormone does a happy dance.

This then sets you up for maximum fat loss.

SNACKDOWN 2In order to stay on track with this rapid fat loss we need to throw a ‘cheat’ day in to the mixer.

You see, many men and women often slash their calories or carbs in a bid to kick-start their fat loss.

But if you do this for more than a few days at a time and our buddy ‘Larry Leptin’ kicks up a fuss.

Larry won’t take that sh*t.

He’ll throw a smack down on your metabolism, bringing it to a crawl.

So, to keep to keep Larry happy all you need to do is use a strategic ‘cheat’ day.

During this ‘cheat’ day you can eat whatever you want.

Check this out – a study in the Journal Metabolism  found that enjoying your favorite foods in this “interval” style can boost your metabolism by up to 10%.

That’s what we call keeping Larry happy!

Another important thing I should mention about the ‘cheat’ day is that it means you can stick with the plan.

In my experience if you tell people to cut out all their favorite foods for weeks on end, they give up sharpish.

It’s too much, too soon.

By having a cheat day every 5 days your focus is not lost and the fat loss keeps coming.

3) Metabolic Enhancers

I think I already mentioned that slow-go cardio is pants at burning fat?

The only exercises you need are the one’s that you can do with your own body and in the comfort of your own home.

You can do these exercises in your jammies or completely starkers if you prefer (I really don’t mind).

So, instead of hopping on a dreadmill what you need to is combine cardio and resistance training in a way that gives your metabolism a giant boot up the backside.

rocket-turtle3Put another way, you want to give your metabolism some Va Va Voom, so that it can burn more calories whilst sitting around watching the next episode of Game Of Thrones.

The catch?

Well, you’ve got to throw in a wee bit of intensity into the mix if you really want to take advantage of this metabolic shift.

Let me get my ‘geek’ one more time to give you a better understanding.

In 2008 a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research looked at a the combination of sprinting and resistance training.

You wanna know what happened?

The guys doing the combo of sprints and resistance work lost 10 times more fat mass than those who either did only cardio or only resistance training.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot more effective.

Here’s another one for you.

In 2010 The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness compared a slow-go cardio group with a sprints and resistance training, in essence something similar to the way I’ve set up Lean in 19 (another shamesless plug for ya!).

On average these guys lost 15 pounds in weight and a 5% reduction in body fat over 12 weeks, almost double the results of the slow-go cardio group, which lost just under 7 lbs. and 3% body fat.

Hopefully by now you’ve figured it out…

To achieve maximum fat loss you’ve gotta combine resistance training and cardio.

There, I said it!

The reason this style of training works so well is all to do with the hormonal shift and the increase in calories burnt over several hours after exercise.

If you exercise fast and hard over the course of say, 10-20 minutes, you’re body produces some serious lactic acid.

This spike in lactic acid causes a domino affect.

happily ever after 2Namely…human growth hormone pops up, insulin goes to bed, we lose more fat and we all live happily ever after.

Well, something like that.

You’ve still gotta put some effort into the exercises and follow my Hot Zone protocol.

The really awesome thing about Lean in 19 is that I’ve used these specific ‘combinations’ of resistance training and cardio throughout the 19 days, so that you can get the very best results possible in the shortest time possible.

4) Accountability

This last ingredient is perhaps the most simple, but probably the most important.

They say “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” and that’s the problem with so many other diets and fitness programs.

You see, it’s all very well having the exact information you need to lose a bucket load of lard, but if you don’t follow the plan what good is this information?

My sister had me on her case everyday.

It really does help to have someone to answer to.

Some sort of follow up.

only me 3With my daily text messages acting as constant ‘reminders’ it made it near impossible for Sarah to give up.

Without the accountability factor in place many people struggle to keep on top of their diet and workouts.

It’s the key to laser like focus and resisting the onslaught of cakes and cookies.


Who Is This Guy And Why Should You Listen To Him?

gw POSINGMy name is Gavin Walsh and I’ve been in the fitness business for over a decade –  Damn, I’m getting old!

This is also me in the photo ‘looking for something’ in the distance (which I don’t think I ever found).

If truth be told, I don’t really like photos like these.

Actually, whenever I see similar photos on Flakebook I think to myself “What a goon!”, but I’ve stuck it on here to show you that I at least know what I’m talking about when it comes to fitness and fat loss.

Now, wait a minute!

I know what you might be thinking.

You’re probably thinking that I’m one of these personal trainers who lives in a gym and eats broccoli 24/7, right?

And that I should be in bloody good shape?

Can I be honest with you?

Yes, I eat healthy and exercise, but I’m actually a regular type of guy, with all the commitments that come with juggling family and work.

When I was a kid we used to eat all sorts of rubbish.

Lots of processed food, fizzy drinks, three slices of bread with every meal and lots of sweets and chocolates.

Seriously, one of my old habits was a mashed potato sandwich.

Have you ever eaten a mashed potato sandwich?

I wouldn’t recommend it.

That’s crazy, huh?

Nowadays, I eat a lot healthier but I still like to have the odd beer and I’ve got a SERIOUS sweet tooth.

See, I told you I was a normal guy!

Let me tell you something else about that photo of me ‘looking into the distance’.

Gavin & TallulahIt was taken just a few months after my Wife gave birth to our beautiful Daughter, Tallulah.

Getting to the gym and spending any length of time there was a BIG NO-NO for your boy Walsh.

Mrs W would have killed me.

So, to make sure I looked my best for the camera I used the exact same workouts and nutrition methods as I gave my sister, Sarah.

And bingo, there I was in pretty decent shape, ready to take my top of for the camera.

Can I tell you something else?

I help men and women lose fat quickly.

However, I DON’T help everybody.

The way I see it that there are 2 distinct groups when it comes to losing fat:

Group 1: Hardcore, in the gym 24/7, slightly obsessed with sculpting their bodies so that they can show it off in a club or on the beach.

Group 2: Short on time, having a 6-pack isn’t a matter of life or death, hates the gym, but wants to lose weight and tone their wobbly bits.

My focus is on Group 2.

What I’ve found over the years is that most people don’t want to be spend hours in the gym.

Most people just want that lean and toned look that a lot of celebrities have.

That’s what I’m here to deliver.

And nowadays many people come to me asking for advice on how to burn more fattimus from their assimus without using a gym.

Even the national press…

I regularly appear in the likes of Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Grazia, Harper’s Bazzaar, The Times, The Guardian, Sport magazine, The Evening Standard, FHM and MSN Health.

I’ve also had my ugly mug on the TV a couple of times (British Channels: ITV1 and Sky Atlantic).

I’m very passionate and dedicated to helping people, just like you, get the very best results in the minimum time.

 Gavin has been featured in and seen on…


The “Light Bulb” Moment

So, my sister’s results got me thinking: maybe I could help other people with this ‘thing’ I had going.

Maybe I could use email instead of text messages, film the workouts, write out my nutrition protocols and help lots more people get crazy-ass results like my sister.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I tried it first with a bunch of my personal training clients to check that it still delivered and it wasn’t some sort of fluke.

light bulb cartoonThen with a small beta group.

The result.

They all lost weight rapidly.

Anywhere from 7 to 25 pounds in 19 days.

Ridiculous, huh?

Since then I’ve been a busy boy.

Like some sort of Frankenstein…I’ve tweaked, tinkered and improved the whole system for maximum results.

It’s now a bit of a monster and it’s alive!

And It’s alive…




To be more specific, it’s actually on Hove Lawns, but the Pier looks so much nicer (don’t you think?!)

DATE: 20th April to 8th May

DAYS: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri

TIME: 7am to 730-740am

PRICE: £75


What most exercise and diet programs achieve in 2-3 months, Lean in 19 does in just 19 days:

  • Lose weight incredibly fast WITHOUT frustrating “plateaus”.
  • Show off your flat tummy when you drop 2-3 inches from your waistline.
  • GAIN calorie-burning lean muscle, so that you can burn more fat just sitting on your butt watching Game Of Thrones.
  • Drop 2-3 dress sizes and buy yourself a cheeky little black dress (Guys, you are welcome to do the same!)
  • Tone your muscles and look super sexy in your undercrackers for that special person in your life.
  • Have more energy and give the kids a run for their money (get them to do the workouts with you).
  • Reduce unsightly cellulite and show off your legs for the first time in years.
  • Get your mojo back and enjoy life again.
  • Lose between 7 and 25 pounds in weight.

 Happy People

Of course, there are bound to be a few sceptics out there, so here’s a few words (and photos) from just some of the people that have taken part in the online version of this training program…

The proof is in the pudding, as they say:

charli Before and AfterAfter having a baby 7 months ago I had lost quite a bit of weight but was still, what felt like was, a long way off the size I was pre-baby and it was getting frustrating that I couldn’t fit into the clothes I wore before I had our little boy. I had been thinking for a few weeks that I needed to do something about it and had started exercising but as I was a gym bunny before I felt that the exercise I was able to do at home wasn’t hard enough to get the kind of results I wanted. I signed up for Gavin’s program as with a 7 month old child I wasn’t able to get to the gym and the exercise I was trying to do at home when I had a moment, weren’t giving me the results I wanted. It was just what I needed to give me that extra push and the exercise I needed to get great results.

Getting an email everyday with the exercises for that day is a real boost as not only does it stop it being boring but you feel that Gavin is with you ever step of the way. It also gave me the extra motivation to do the exercises and not cut corners as otherwise you have Gavin to answer to!! The exercises range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and that was perfect for the amount of time I had each day around looking after my little boy and our busy schedule. Sometimes I’d look at what exercise I needed to do for the program and think it was going to take me an hour but in reality it was never longer than 30 minutes. The intensity ranges through the program from lung busting to just a little out of breath but as you can go at your own pace it’s all attainable and as the days go by and your fitness increases you feel better and more proud of yourself. When I started the programme I was 139 pounds and at the top end of a size 12 dress size, I’m now 128 pounds and am in a size 10. In all I lost 13″ and the weight and inches are still coming off. The results are fantastic, I lost 13″ and 11 pounds in 19 days and feel that the weight will stay off, not like some of the fad diets and programs that are around. I will definitely be keeping up the healthy eating programme that comes with the exercises as it’s yummy and wasn’t hard for me to stick to. The weight and inches are still coming off even though I’ve now finished the program. I couldn’t be happier!!

Charlotte Davies
Lost 10lbs and 11 inches

l19 emma

Emma Rainbow

Lost 14lbs

Mick Before and AfterAlthough the photos don`t do me any favours, I personally don’t think I have looked so good since leaving the forces over 20yrs ago! Which is all down to your work outs and nutritional advice,

It’s not been easy, but if you really want something its worth the pain, both mentally and physically and this was definitely worth it.

My main aim was to try and increase my fitness to be able to complete my first triathlon, which I hope to do on Sunday. I will be competing against my gym manager who has been taking my money for the past 6 months (membership). If i beat him I will be pointing him in your direction! I would do it all again, (cause I can).

Mick Durkin

Lost 11lbs

l19 kieron

Kieron Campion

Lost 14lbs

Sarah Before and After copyVery pleased to report I’ve lost 7lbs and 3 inches from the tum. I didn’t follow the plan exactly, the diet I did but exercise wise I am doing a combination of Gavin’s exercises or gym classes because I love them, so much fun! And this way I can sustain it exercising daily etc, thanks Gavin for all your knowledge and motivation. I love the program! X

Sarah Price
Lost 7lbs and 3 inches from the tum!


l19 michael

Michael Rourke

Lost 7lbs after only 5 days

I absolutely loved the programme. I liked how you (Gavin) came across – not harsh or aggressive and I adore your assistant – the puppy! At first glance the programme seems hard, but in reality its not. You are delivered an exercise programme daily plus you have Gavin’s support at the end of the email, and I liked the fact you did not have to wait an age for a reply! Also, as a working mum, being able to train at home with the kids in the other room is great.

For me the reason I wanted to lose weight and get fit is mainly because I am getting married next year and although I will be a 40-something bride I want to walk down the aisle looking my best, I am aiming for a size 10. I do not want to waddle and feel self-conscious as all eyes will be on me. Also my weight had been affecting my joints, especially my knees, so I knew I had to do something.

In the past I have tried everything – the ritual humiliation of weight watchers and being weighed in front of people, not losing and being told off!, going to a gym and after a few weeks losing motivation because I didn’t know what to do. I did, a couple years ago, do a 4 week boot camp in a local park, it was good but as a busy working mum, it was difficult to fit the sessions in.

Although I did not lose a huge amount of weight (in total about 8 pounds) I did lose a lot of inches. Before I started the programme I was, if I admit to myself, a size 18, pretending to be a size 16. I am now a comfortable size 14. Losing a massive 9 inches off my waist so much so my H2B is complaining I have no belly to rub. My mum who is very quick to tell me when I have gained weight said I was looking slim and she could see that my bum and hips were shrinking. Most of all I feel great in my self: more confident. I am less grouchy (I think eating clean has help with the elimination of the sugar and bad saturated fats). The programme has given me the kick up the backside I needed to start to lose the remaining 2 stone before my wedding and for life!

Linda Pope
Lost 8lbs and 9 inches from her waist!!


2014-11-14 11.57.28


Michaela A

Lost 25lbs

I want to say a huge thank you for allowing me to be a part of your programme.

I thought the exercises were varied and throughout I really noticed a difference, not only in my body, but in my levels of fitness. I think everyone gets caught up in weighing yourself twenty five thousand times a day, and taking measurements on a weekly basis was something I had never experienced before. Seeing the inches fall off was a massive booster, even more so than the weight, because it actually meant that my body was changing in shape. I signed up because I was stuck in a rut. Getting up at 7, in work by 9, leaving work at 5.30, getting home at 7, going to bed at 9. Failling that, I would go out after work and not get home til 9, in bed by 11. Or, if I was working middle east hours then up at 5, in at 7 etc. I’d fallen into a bit of a vicious circle, not being able to change my routine because I had become used to it and as a result my diet and fitness totally went out of the window. On Jan 1st I signed up to a gym, paying 75 pounds a month, and since then I can count the amount of times I have been on one hand.

I needed someone to tell me on a daily basis what to do. I needed that extra push to change my current situation. Someone to tell me what to eat, when to eat, what not to eat, silly foods to avoid, introduce me to new foods and, most importantly, what exercises to do, in what order, in whatever capacity, and to do it then, now, not later, but now and then tomorrow something new. Little things, like knowing as soon as I got home to do the exercises, whether it took me 10 mins or 30 mins, and also to make my lunch for the next day at work and not spend a fortune at Pret!! (and consuming too many calories as well!)

I have to admit, at first I didn’t think the burpees and lunges and squats would have that much effect on my body but I was totally wrong!! I couldn’t believe after the first week I had lost so much weight and the inches were falling off. I hated you everytime you mentioned mountain climbers… I cannot stand them but as the weeks went on I knew I was getting better at them. I “enjoyed” the morning after pain, knowing that I had had a good work out and my muscles were being used and that I was actually getting off my arse and doing something. I liked that every week you went up a notch on the intensity. I have no idea what some workouts did for the body, or which bits they were focusing on, or why we did the exercises in a certain order, althought alternating legs and arms made sense, but there was obviously a method behind it and it obviously worked!!

Overall I am absolutely delighted with my results. I cant believe I lost 10 pounds. The pictures really made a difference and from now on I will definitely take weekly measurements and monthly pictures to see the difference and not focus so heavily on the scales. People at work were mentioning how good I was looking and especially in the summer when you are wearing lighter and less clothes. I was quite self conscious, but I’m feeling much more confident and I know that in a few months time when I’ve kept this up I’ll look even better!

I thought the videos were great. They were motivating and encouraging, some highly amusing! I’m very much a “if it isn’t infront of you then I’m not going to do it person“, therefore I would always write down the exercises in my diary or on a post it note so that when I had finished the routine I could tick it off, or highlight it off, which gave me that extra sense of achievement. If I don’t see results instantly I get massively deflated which is why I liked your programme as it is all about progression and maintaining and seeing results come on a weekly basis which keeps momentum and optimism high.

Amy Packham
Lost 10lbs

If LEAN IN 19 is so special

why is it only £75?

Yes, I could charge more for this program, especially as I’ll be instructing each session, but I wanted to make sure that everybody could afford this and lose some jelly from their belly before summer arrives.

My goal as a fitness and fat loss expert is to help as many people around the World as I can.

I love training my one-to-one clients, but there’s something about training a group of people together that fires me up.

Everyone is in it together and pushes each other to do their very best.

You also get instant access to the online version of the program, as well as 15 training sessions with me and the rest of the group on the seafront.

Plus, as a highly sought after personal trainer here in the UK I charge upwards of £65 or more just to sit down with a private client and get them started.

£75 is amazing value, especially when you consider all the various components within the program and the fact you can contact me personally via email if you have any questions or are in need of a swift kick up the backside.

You don’t need to pop another diet pill. And it’s not necessary for you to hire a personal trainer, because EVERY step of the Lean in 19 system has you covered.

All you need is a little commitment and determination for 19 short days to see a brand NEW you every time you look in the mirror.

And to sweeten the deal, I’ll make sure ALL the risk is on me…

You can go through the entire 19 day program with me – then decide.


60-day-money-backGuarantee #1: The Fitness Industries Highest Quality Standard

You’ll be amazed at the high quality and attention detail I’ve provided throughout the training program. The exercise and nutrition combined with the daily emails all come together in a melting pot of fat. Lovely jubbly!

Guarantee #2: Achieve Lightning Fast Results

It’ll literally take you 5-7 days to see a difference in the mirror. Heck, Mike Lourke lost 6lbs in just 5 days and he’s not the only one. Just imagine what’ll happen in 19 days when you follow the Lean in 19 system.

Guarantee #3: Super Fast Customer Service

From the minute you decide to become part of the Lean in 19 family, you’re not alone. My professional customer support team is always ready to provide you with answers to any of your questions or challenges you come across.

So remember, if for ANY reason Lean in 19 doesn’t live up to all 3 of these expectations, all you have to do is just drop me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full, no-questions asked refund.

Here’s The LEAN IN 19 Package Along with all the Free Bonuses I’m Throwing in to Help Get You Started…



L19 Main Manual

As I’m sure you’re aware, a good ‘healthy’ diet is critical to long term fat loss and that’s exactly what I recommend too.

But for maximal fat loss a ‘healthy’ diet doesn’t cut it, which is why Lean in 19 uses advanced techniques such as intermittent fasting, carbohydrate cycling and strategic ‘cheat’ days.

This might sound techy, but the extreme fat loss diet manual lays out every detail, of every day of the 19 day program.



L19 Workout Manual

The Lean in 19 workout manual contains workouts that have been specifically designed to blowtorch your wobbly bits without any gym equipment or ‘weapons of boredom’.

That’s the beauty of the Lean in 19 system, you can literally do these workouts anywhere you like wearing whatever you want.

The length of each workout varies from 8-30 minutes.

Some days they’ll be hard and other days they’ll be easy.

However, you should know this: each workout will turbo charge your metabolism, so that your body burns more fat 24/7.


L19 Daily EmailsThis is where the Lean in 19 Extreme Fat Loss Plan kicks ass.

Many other fitness and diet programs that people purchase just leave you to it once you bought their product, but I’ll be messaging you daily just like I did with my sister, Sarah.

Remember, getting a daily message from me was just the kick up the assimus my sister needed to stay focused.

If it wasn’t for my daily messages her results wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as they were (17 pounds lost).

Plus, you can actually email me back with any questions or just to tell me that you’re on fire and the excess fat is melting rapidly.


L19 Quick StartOkay dokey, you’re about to kick off with this Lean in 19 journey, but where do you start?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back – I’ve provided everything you need to know in a detailed step-by-step check-list, so that you can really hit the ground running.

It’s important to me that you know exactly what you’re doing, so that you can get the very best results from your Lean in 19 program.




L19 Follow Along Tablet

You get 19 High Quality follow along video workouts designed to melt maximum lard so that you can look 10X better in your under-crackers. These 19 follow along videos will take you through the entire Lean in 19 workout system helping you to sky-rocket your metabolism from your own home.

And throughout the entire video series I’ll be training with you every step of the way – minute after minute, and rep after rep. Just click start on the video and crank out the workouts as I lead you though the complete Lean in 19 Program!


L19 Success Journal


It’s a proven fact that keeping a journal and logging your experience with any diet and/or exercise program increases success rates and overall results.

Everyone I know who has a made a dramatic transformation to their body has done this.

This Lean in 19 success journal makes the whole “recording” process easy with both daily and weekly log sheets – if you want the very BEST results you’ll use this.


L19 Emotional EatingEMOTIONAL EATING | VALUE £10

We’ve all been there, waiting in-line at your local coffee shop you look down at all the pastries and cakes and just can’t help yourself.

You’re not hungry in the slightest, but that little devil on your shoulder says “Go on, you know you want to!”

Learning to give this ‘little devil’ a good kick up the assimus will help you over the long haul. After all, it’s one thing looking a ton of weight, but what we don’t want to happen is for that weight to creep back on.

If you struggle with food and keeping those emotions in check this manual will certainly keep you on the straight and narrow once you’ve finished the Lean in 19 plan.


With everything in this package, the value comes to £275 but the good news is, you’re NOT gonna pay anything close to that…

 Limited Offer

Regular Price: £97

Today: £75

l19 success


Lost 10lbs

steve Before and AfterHey Gavin, Just a quick update as I’m off to Spain tomorrow and wont be able to finish the program 🙁 DO NOT WORRY I will be starting again when we get back and my girlfriend will be joining me too 🙂 To be honest I cannot believe the difference, I have gone from 15stone to 14stone and taken 4″ off my belly. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for your help and advice and we will be back in touch after the holiday. Cheers Steve. PS As we are in Spain there will still be plenty of fish, veggies and swimming.

Steve Hall
Lost 14lbs and 4 inches from his belly!





John update

John C

8.8lbs after day 10


I thought the programme was excellent. I signed up because I was fed up of being flabby and wanted to make a positive step in the right direction to non- flabbiness. Having had a baby and being at home with her or lunching out means it’s been tough to motivate myself into an exercise programme or eating plan. I thought your programme would give me the kick up the bum I needed.

I love spinning but trying to fit in getting to the classes at fixed times of the day was really difficult whilst looking after a baby and with a husband who works shifts. Having a link sent through of exercises which I could fit in at any time of the day was ideal, as was the fact that I could do them in front of the TV when I needed distraction from the pain! I did them when she was napping or when she’d gone to bed in the evening. I did try to do them when she was awake once or twice but she laughed at me so much that it was too much of a distraction 🙂

I found the exercises were good, some days I felt they were within my ability, some days that they really pushed me and some days that they nearly killed me! The booklet was good to explain initially how to do them and the videos demonstrated them well, and of course being able to email you for clarification was great.

The results speak for themselves and I’m really pleased, I can see a noticeable difference in my body and I’m especially pleased with the effect it’s had on my post-baby tummy. I feel much more confident and able to wear what I want to from my pre-baby wardrobe, rather than what I can fit into. I’m also amazed that having previously been unable to do a single press up I can now do loads down on the floor!

I’ll be carrying on the main elements of the eating plan (though I will treat myself to a well deserved wine every now and again!). I am going to redo the programme and can’t wait for more of your training programs to come out! I’m hooked now. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the programme to my friends – a couple of them have weddings they want to lose weight for coming up so I’ll be steering them in your direction!

Let me know when the next one arrives on the scene!

Lost 11lbs and 13 inches

l19 juliet


L19 Stubborn


The stubborn fat removal manual is your guide to giving stubborn fat the old one-two by legitimately inducing fat reduction and toning up your WORST trouble spots.

This method is based on REAL science and uses a strategic exercise protocol to melt away your problems areas.

I recommend you run through the entire Lean in 19 system first and then use this stubborn fat removal system to see if you have any troublesome areas and then which areas to target with this method.



Remember that one of the key principles to losing weight and keeping it off long term is accountability.

I’ll be emailing you daily over the duration of the program, but you’ll also get access to our private Lean in 19 Facebook group.

There are tons of people just like you who are doing lean in 19 and getting results.

If you need a pep talk, this is the place to come.

Plus, I’ll also be inside the group answering questions and keeping everyone focused!

Limited Offer

Regular Price: £97

Today: £75

 Is This A Quick Fix?

Let’s me be honest, LEAN IN 19 will produce rapid results for you, but at the same time, it’s no quick fix.

If you follow the guidelines set out within the program you will see quick changes, but the journey doesn’t end with Lean in 19.

If you want to continue to improve and keep the fat off you need to adopt a certain lifestyle: be active and eat real food.

Lean in 19 will teach you more about this lifestyle and lay the foundations so that you can continue to lose weight once the 19 days are over.

If you want long lasting you’ve gotta adopt the lifestyle.

Plain and simple.

Here are a few other things you’ll learn whilst on Lean in 19:

  • How to lose 10, 15 or even 20 pounds in only 19 days.
  • Why long, slow, boring cardio sessions are super shoddy at burning lard.
  • Why you need to banish certain foods from your diet to give your body a fighting chance of burning stubborn fat.
  • How to use advanced nutrition methods to speed up your results and burst through fat loss plateaus.
  • How to get fit and banish belly fat from your own home, with no equipment other than your own body.
  • Why your hormones are more important to your fat loss than counting calories, syns or any other mumbo-jumbo.



I want to be brutally honest here and give you a friendly warning so you don’t waste your time or money.

Sound fair?

LEAN IN 19 is not some old rickety bootcamp and nutrition program that contains the same old rehashed information that doesn’t work.

And although LEAN IN 19 works extremely well, it’s not another “quick fix” or short cut.

LazyNotOption_LR_1It will take alot of effort (physically and mentally), but if you’re too lazy or looking for an easy way to burn your chuberella then this program is NOT for you.

If you’re willing to do what I tell you to over the next 19 days then you’ll be chuffed to bits, ecstatic even.

However, I’ll state it again: this program is NOT for lazy or unmotivated people.

If that’s you, then please move on.

If you’re willing to keep an open mind about the foods you eat and the way you exercise, then LEAN IN 19 is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

So, whether you have 5, 10, 15 or even 20 pounds to lose, this program will work – if you take action.

But once again, if you’re just going to buy this system and let it sit there with everything else on your computer, then please don’t bother wasting your time.

You have to be willing to take some action.

Otherwise, you’ll just continue to be misled and fooled by big food companies, accumulate even MORE belly fat and not like what you see when you look in the mirror everyday…unless you do something about it right now.

Just because it’s SIMPLE doesn’t mean it’s easy

There’s no doubt in my mind that LEAN IN 19 is a SIMPLE system that can follow and achieve the body you desire.

But just because I say the word “simple” – it’s doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park!

So, although this brand new system can produce ridiculous results like you’ve never experienced before – you still have to show up and roll up up your sleeves.

No fannying about.

No half measures.

Do the workouts, follow the diet and melt fat.


Does that sound like a deal?

EVERYTHING is laid out for you in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step blueprint that ANYONE can adhere to and follow…

Just follow the step-by-step system as it’s laid out and it’s guaranteed to work for you EVERY time.

Still Unsure?

Option 1: Fat Is Your Friend

Maybe you like your love-handles?

I’ve no idea.

All I do know is that once you’ve read this page you can continue with your day.

Nothing will change.

You’ll still be unhappy with way you look and feel.

You’ll still be complaining about your weight and your health 6 months from now.

Or worse.

You’ll be counting down the seconds whilst plodding along on a dreadmill.

And that’s your choice.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Option 2: Act Now

Come and join me (and hundreds more).

Follow the plan and you’ll lose weight putting an end to weight gain and give your confidence a huge boost.

You can do this.

I know you want to look better and feel better and I know you’re probably a little sceptical.

But I stand behind my system, which is why you can try Lean in 19 without risk.

You have 60 days to decide whether it works for you and if it doesn’t (highly unlikely) you get your money back, no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Just imagine how it will feel to lose 10 pounds or more in just 19 days.

What would that mean to you?

More confidence, new clothes, no more sucking in your stomach, more sexy fun?

Only you know.

But I sincerely hope you decide to take action on this offer and take control of your body and your health once and for all.



Just Click “Add to Cart” Below To Receive

Your Special Price Of Just £75…
PLUS All Your Free Bonuses

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To your success,

gavin walsh signature



Fitness & Fat Loss Expert

Lean in 19 Creator


P.S. – Warning: If you don’t take action now odds are you’re going to continue feeling crappy every time you see yourself naked in the mirror. You’ll NEVER see a change in how you look if you keep procrastinating day after day, so take action now while you’re still here.

P.P.S. – Don’t forget, with our Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, we’re giving you a full 60 days to maximize your fat burning potential and discover what so many others have – a way to “outsmart” your metabolism and burn an INSANE amount of fat without the pain and suffering of dieting down. Grab it right now, RISK-FREE.


Limited Offer

Regular Price: £97

Today: £75


Have a question? I probably already answered it below!

Q: What is Lean in 19 and how does it work so fast?

Lean in 19 is a 19 day rapid fat loss program that combines a highly effective exercise program with advanced nutrition techniques (cheat days, fast days, carbohydrate depletion) and numerous other “advanced” fat loss methods.

The secret is in the setup. I’ve tested all these methods over several years and finally found the perfect formula.  These methods will stimulate fat loss, increase metabolism and limit fat gain in the most effective manner possible.    Every single day, every single workout, every single thing you do on this program is for a very specific reason that contributes to the overall rapid fat loss effects of the program.

Simply put, when you learn how to unlock the right methods in the right combination and in the right sequence, the results are incredible.

Q: Will I have to starve my way through this 19-day program?

NO.  In fact, you’ll have a full blown cheat day each week where you can literally eat WHATEVER you want . That’s right, THREE out of the short 19 days that make up the program require that you indulge all your cravings without worry.  And the best part?  It’s all set up so that you accelerate your results. Burning FAT while cheating.

Q: Am I just going to lose a lot of weight only to gain it right back?

Great question, because many diet programs have a significant ‘rebound’!  The great thing about Lean in 19 is the fact that it protects your metabolism throughout the entire course of the program to make sure the weight you lose stays lost after the 19 days conclude.  Not only that,  I’ve created a 12 week maintenance plan to help you lose even more fat once the 19 days are finished.


Limited Offer

Regular Price: £97

Today: £75


Q: Where will the sessions be held?

The sessions will be placed on Hove Lawns opposite Second Avenue Monday to Friday from 7am to 730am-ish.

Q: Are there any workouts to be completed on the weekends?

YYes, there are workouts to be completed, but you will be expected to carry out these workouts on your own or with a friend.

Q: I want to start losing fat now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

No!  That’s the beauty of the internet. The entire program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase – no shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

Yes, you’ll be able to follow the diet plan without any problems at all. However, for the exercise plan I recommend that you go at your own pace and take the first days easy to see how your body reacts to the specific training regime and speak to me if you have any issues.  The program is set up to have you losing fat fast while increasing your metabolism–no matter what age you are.


Limited Offer

Regular Price: £97

Today: £75

Q: Is this program suited for a complete beginner?

While the program is “extreme” in nature, modifications can be made to make it suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and starting points.  The truth is that it’s going to be tough and you’ll curse my name and wonder why in the World you started this plan, but after you’ve finished each workout you’ll feel great and once the fat starts to drop off you’ll be over the moon. So, for best results follow the plan as it’s laid out, that’s how you’ll get the very best results.

Q: Does this program work just as quickly for women as it does for men?

Of course.  The program does not discriminate based on age, gender, or any other factor.  It works across the board.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the Lean in 19 program exactly as outlined in the materials and attend every session, just contact me and I’ll refund your money.  It’s that simple.

I stand behind my products and services as the fastest fat loss program ever created, and if doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!


Limited Offer

Regular Price: £97

Today: £75