VIP Coaching With Gavin | Application Form

Okay dokey, so you’re either having a little nosey at this page or you are in fact serious about getting your body in greatest shape it’s ever been.

Which one is it to be?


Ha, I should have guessed.

But hopefully after reading this page you’ll be ready to take things up a notch and hop on my VIP Coaching program to blast your wobbly bits into next week…does that even make sense?

What I mean is, if you REALLY want to lose your excess lard and would like someone (that being me) to coach you through this every step of the way, then this is a great opportunity.

As a loyal reader of mine, you’re likely already up to scratch with some of the techniques and strategies I use, but perhaps you need something to take you to the next level…

And this is could well be perfect solution, and I’m going to give you a VERY special rate for listening to my daily nuggets of Walsh wisdom and the occasional crazy chit-chat.

Here are the full details below:

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had several people ask about online coaching…something to do with summer coming me thinks!

But not just because the beach is calling…you see, some of these people have followed my Lean in 19 program with great results and are keen to takes things further.

Others just need someone to be on their case week in-week out…

only me 3The accountability factor you might say.

It certainly helps to have someone keeping you accountable, but to be fair, you could get your mum to do that!

Part of what I’m doing here is not only keeping you accountable (via email, phone and skype), but developing a customised exercise and diet program so that you get the best possible results.

Unfortunately, they’ll be many people who read this page and decide to pass on this coaching opportunity and 99% of these people will likely NOT achieve their goal.

Life will get in the way, distractions will come along, motivation will wane, and the lack of accountability will allow them an easy “out.”

You’ve probably seen this happen over and over again in your own life… you’ve tried on your own, but for whatever reason you just haven’t been able to be successful long term.

Fact is, when left to our own devices, we simply don’t push ourselves as hard or put as much effort into anything.

Those are just the laws of life.

When I’ve experienced rapid growth in my life, I’ve always turned to a coach of some sort…whether that be in business, fitness or sport.

With the direction of a coach (or mentor), I was 10xs more motivated, 100xs more accountable, and I was getting ELITE advice and direction from someone who had already accomplished exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

So, instead of struggling to figure it all out on my own, whilst losing hope and motivation throughout, I turned to the best and had them “show me the way.”

And that one decision of hiring a coach was the sole decision that allowed me to achieve my goals FASTER (instead of not at all) and it has literally changed my life forever.


What’s inside the VIP Coaching Program?


  • 12-weeks of coaching with the amazing Gavinelli (that would be me).
  • Access to my online coaching app where you can see every exercise and workout for the upcoming weeks.
  • Triple your focus with me personally checking in with you via email, phone and Skype.
  • Diet analysis along with my nutrition guidance and planning.
  • A kick up the backside if you’re not pulling your weight.
  • A signed picture of me in my under-crackers (I’m joking)
  • A customised exercise program based on your time constraints, lifestyle and goals.


“How Much Does It Cost?”

That’s a great question!

I’ve set-up this VIP coaching program with the idea of

I’ll be asking you to commit 12-weeks of your time to an exercise and diet program that will not only product incredible results, but also educate you so that you can keep it up long-term without me or anyone else having to keep you accountable. 


The investment to take part in this coaching program will be £147 every 4 weeks.

That’s a total of £441 for 12 weeks of expert coaching and knowledge.

Which is a snip considering it costs a hell of a lot more to do one-to-one personal training with me.

At this point I probably should try and sell it to you…

Remind you of your struggles and why you’ve not been successful in the past…

But I’m not going to.

I only want to work with people who are committed to changing their health and fitness – long-term.

People that are ready to follow my advice and put in the effort needed to achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for some miracle results without having to do any work, then this is not for you.

I’d love to say it’ll be plain sailing, but chances are they’ll be a few ups and downs and it’s our job to work together and move forward.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in and you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone over the next 12 weeks to give your health and fitness a complete overhaul. please fill out the application form below.

I should also mentioned that I’m only accepting 10 people onto this VIP Coaching Program.

That’s not some sort of scarcity tactic.

I literally can’t take on any more than 10 people, as I won’t be able to commit the necessary time to each individual.

So, once again…

If you REALLY want to change the way you look and feel once and for all AND you can commit fully to the program, please fill out the application form below.

Once you’ve filled out the form, I’ll then contact you towards the end of the week to discuss whether or not I think the VIP Coaching Program is a good fit for you.